Advanced Consulting Group has the know-how to improve business performance across organizational structure, across business processes and across technology platforms. For each engagement, whatever its scale, we mobilize selected resources from our consultant network. And while our culture of thought leadership encourages us to explore new concepts and solutions, our strategic focus never varies: delivering competitive advantage for your business success.  

   ACG will analyze business needs and design a computer technology solution that  provides for growth while meeting budgetary constraints. Computer technology is more than just hardware and software. Finding the right combination of software and hardware to match business needs is important to ensure that the investment in computer technology is a positive and profitable experience. We will work with you to prepare proposal outlining the usability issues, and a plan to implement the project within your  schedule. 

   ACG assembles flexible teams of consultants with the right mix of expertise for each unique situation, from part-time or as-needed support to dedicated on-site resources to one-time,  situation-specific consulting engagements. Our consultants have ready access to disciplinary specialists and peers to assist them with any challenges they may  encounter. This means that they never have to face a problem alone, so they never get stopped, and neither does your business.